Join the CEED Research Volunteer Registry

by Jessica Baker, Ph.D., FAED

Join the CEED Research Volunteer Registry!

At the Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders, our mission is to better understand the causes and consequences of eating disorders in order to develop better treatment options. In pursuit of this mission, we conduct several research studies each year.

To conduct these research studies, we need help from volunteers like you – individuals who want to help us better understand eating disorders. You can help by volunteering to join our research registry. Anyone can join our registry. We welcome volunteers with no history of an eating disorder, as well as volunteers with a current or past history of an eating disorder.

This research volunteer registry is a database of individuals who are interested in hearing about, and perhaps participating in, the various research studies that are conducted by the CEED. Enrolling in this research volunteer registry is voluntary and confidential. If you sign up to be included in the research volunteer registry, this does not automatically enroll you in any research study, nor does it obligate you to participate in any research study. Participation in any CEED research study is always voluntary and confidential.

By joining this registry, you will be the first to hear about our research – we will periodically send you brief emails with information on our current research studies. Directly from your inbox, you can request more information or join the studies that interest you. If you are interested in joining our research volunteer registry, click here to read more and to complete the enrollment survey.

Together, we can achieve our goal of finding the cause and cure for eating disorders!