Order of the Chocolate Fish to Kate Nowlan

Published: May 15, 2014

It is with great pleasure that I confer the Order of the Chocolate Fish on Kate Nowlan, the Project Coordinator for the Uniting Couples in the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa (UCAN) study. Kate has done an absolutely superb job in getting UCAN2 off the ground. She has been the backbone of the study and the “go-to” person for all of the patients and partners who have participated in the program. Our clinicians and researchers rely on her organizational skills to keep the study afloat.

Don Baucom, PhD, one of the Principal Investigators of the study says, “UCAN is a complex intervention study that involves several professionals working with every patient and couple. This type of study requires someone with exceptional organizational and interpersonal skills to make it work. Kate is that go-to person who has mastered the role of project coordinator with great judgment, balancing the needs of patients with the requirements of research, and the willingness to do whatever is needed to make things work. Thanks, Kate. You are great!”

Jennifer Kirby, PhD, an investigator on the study and UCAN supervisor adds, “Kate is an excellent addition to the Order of the Chocolate Fish! In addition to being a superb project coordinator for the UCAN study, Kate goes above and beyond, lending a helping hand wherever needed with a smile to boot. Anytime I have a question or am in need of something, I immediately think, ‘Kate will help me with this!’ and she always comes through for me. Thanks for all that you do for us, Kate!”

Not only has Kate done a brilliant job of coordinating UCAN, but she has shown extraordinary leadership in transitioning the lab as we underwent so many geographical changes. Packing up an entire research program is a daunting task, especially when you are being squeezed into half the space temporarily. With calm and poise, Kate helped get everyone packed up and squared away avoiding any dramas and losses. We can still find things!

Kate is off to further her own academic agenda where she will be pursuing a PhD in Clinical Psychology at the University of Miami under the mentorship of Dr. Brian Doss. Kate, on behalf of the entire CEED team, thank you for all you have done for us and best of luck in Florida!