End Fat Talk

This week marked the beginning of another “Fat Free Talk Week.” This annual campaign is sponsored by the Tri Delta Fraternity to draw attention to body image issues and the “damaging impact of the ‘thin ideal’ on women in society.” Fat Talk refers to any comment that reinforces the thin ideal and contributes to body dissatisfaction. Even comments that are intended to be positive can still be Fat Talk, for example “You’re so thin!” or “Those jeans look great on you!”

This year, Tri Delta also launched their BodyImage3D® initiative, (http://bi3d.tridelta.org/about/aboutbodyimage3d) which kicks off with “Fat Free Talk Week.” According to Tri Delta, BodyImage3D® is a multi-dimensional approach to body image awareness and education. “I am 3D” is the mantra of BodyImage3D®, and it encourages individuals to be healthy in body, mind, and spirit.  At the core of BodyImage3D® is the Body Image Manifesto, which not only serves as a mission statement for BodyImage3D®, but also serves as an individual commitment to live in 3D. Individuals or groups can sign the manifesto and make a commitment to strive to be their best selves with a 3D body image (mind, body, spirit) (http://bi3d.tridelta.org/about/bodyimagemanifesto).

Everyone can get involved and make a commitment to end Fat Talk. The specific activities suggested by Tri Delta for this week are listed below, but ending Fat Talk requires more than a week long battle. Whenever you hear Fat Talk happening, say something! Make a commitment to live in 3D and encourage friends and family to do the same. One person can make a difference. People around you will take notice and begin to change the way they talk and behave.

Fat Free Talk Week Events Sponsored by Tri Delta (10/22-10/26):

MONDAY– Makeup Free Monday: What do you appreciate about your natural beauty?
TUESDAY– Let’s Chat Tuesday: We’ll discuss Fat Talk alternatives!
WEDNESDAY–Trash Fat Talk: Find anything that supports the thin ideal and throw it away in our virtual trashcan!
THURSDAY– Post-it Positive Messages: Leave a positive note on a mirror or anywhere for someone to see! AND join us for a town hall twitter chat from 11am-1pm CST! You can find us here: @endfattalk
FRIDAY– Showcase: Let’s see pictures from all this week’s events!

By:  Dr. Jessica Baker