Order of the Chocolate Fish: March 2012

For the second time in history, we induct two individuals into the Order of the Chocolate Fish. The Order was established in 2003 by the UNC Eating Disorders Program to recognize individuals who go beyond the call of duty in service of the program. We recognize people from within the program as well as people outside the program who demonstrate extraordinary dedication to our mission.

This month, I am pleased to induct Cristin Runfola, PhD, and Rob Holliday into the Order of the Chocolate Fish.

Cristin Runfola is a first year post-doctoral fellow with the UNC Eating Disorders Program. She came to us last year as a clinical psychology intern after receiving her BA from San Diego State University and her MS and PhD from Palo Alto University in California. She worked with James Lock, MD, PhD, Walter Kaye, MD, and Rebecka Peebles, MD, before making her way to North Carolina. SImagehe has been a remarkably productive post-doctoral fellow and is a talented clinician; however, her induction into the Order was prompted by her tireless work in organizing the best ever National Eating Disorders Awareness Week at UNC. The events that she organized included the resoundingly successful screening of Miss Representation attended by over 200 community members and students, which was made even more enlightening by the panel discussion that followed featuring Stephanie Crayton, Media Relations Manager of UNC Health Care, Frank Stasio of NPRs The State of Things, and myself. In addition, she coordinated our ongoing relationship with the Panhellenic Council who outdid themselves with the Greek Groove 2012 evening at Memorial Hall (to read more, see this week’s post about the event). Finally, she organized the Great Jeans Giveaway, the Mirror Event, and a reading from the The Woman in the Mirror at the Ram’s Head Bookstore. Cristin led the charge with our volunteer staff from the Panhellenic Council, our Very Helpful People (VHPs), and other faculty and staff, all of whom worked together to create an outstanding series of events to help raise awareness of eating disorders during NEDAW.

Our second inductee may be less familiar to you. He’s not exactly the Woman in the Mirror, but he’s the man behind the camera. Rob is the News Studio Manager for UNC Chapel Hill. To read more about what Rob and his studio do, visit http://uncnews.unc.edu/content/view/666/111/. But why the fish? Well, February was a particularly newsworthy month for eating disorders, and much of the news was being broadcast in Australia and New Zealand. With broadcasts all the way from Wellington to Perth, the time differences between Chapel Hill and their newsrooms were anywhere from 13 to 18 hours. If you do theImage math, this means Rob had to be in the studio at just about any time of the day or night to broadcast in Aussie and Kiwi prime time. Even with last minute cancellations due to presenter illnesses, cyclone activity, and extra-long cricket matches, Rob never blinked, remained calm and professional, and got us on the air. In addition to his chocolate fish, Rob learned a lot about eating disorders and gained some colorful new Aussie and Kiwi vocabulary. Next time you see him, ask him about going to the loo, putting on his bathers, or being gobsmacked!

It is with gratitude and admiration that I welcome Cristin and Rob into the Order of the Chocolate Fish!