Get Comfortable in Your Genes

As part of National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, the UNC Eating Disorders Program held the Great Jeans Giveaway, an opportunity for community members to donate a pair of jeans that no longer fit to a local charity. With this charitable act, donators took an important step toward honoring their body and the genes they were given, while also helping disadvantaged households afford  a pair of comfortable jeans. The aim of this activity was to get each and all to reflect on the steps we can take to respect our body and start to get comfortable in our own genes!

Join the UNC community in promoting this cause and give back to your community by donating a pair of old jeans (big or small) that no longer fit. If you are holding on to jeans with the hope of one day Imagefitting back into them, this is the perfect opportunity to say, “I can get rid of these jeans because I love myself…today!”  If you are waiting to wear those jeans to show of your “new, beautiful curves,” you have the chance to give your jeans to someone in need and one day treat yourself to a brand new pair.

As NEDAW comes to a close, we hope that all of you feel comfortable in your jeans…and genes!  Remember, getting comfortable in your genes may require you to ditch a pair of jeans that no longer fit.

By: Dr. Cristin Runfola and Lauren Janson