Recap from our 5th Annual Conference!

This year’s conference was a great success! We had such a wonderful turn-out of people from all ranges of experience. Undergraduates, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists all contributed their enthusiasm and knowledge to a rewarding day of learning and community in the field of Eating Disorders.

Here are six highlights:

1.  As always, Cindy’s dynamic presentations kept us ahead of the curve in eating disorders research.

2.  Despite suffering from the H1N1 flu (!), Marian Tanofsky-Kraff was still able to educate us (via skype) about loss of control eating and her new research with adolescents. Now that’s dedication!

Stephanie and Marian

3.  This year, the conference also included a special afternoon workshop in Spanish led by Mae Lynn Reyes, which focused on culturally appropriate treatment for eating disorders in a Latino population. We’re so happy to be able to bring eating disorder treatment to all people regardless of language.

4.  Millie Maxwell and Tyler Beach addressed the critical issue of how to bring prevention and intervention tools into schools and universities. Smart educators that they are, they even had prizes for the audience.


5.  TJ Raney’s advanced workshop on changing core beliefs using CBT was a big hit!


6.  Eliana Perrin, Maria LaVia and Maureen Dymek-Valentine had a fascinating presentation on how to detect and manage eating disorders and obesity in primary care.


But, that’s enough from me. Let’s read what attendees had to say about this year’s event:

  • “Appreciate the excellence – look forward to this particular conference.”
  • “’Treating BED’ was the most useful talk I have been to in recent years. Thank you!”
  • “Wonderful! Always informative and motivational.”

What is the most valuable “take home” point from this activity that you intend to implement in practice?

  • “The need for ED awareness.”
  • “Methods to help parents become advocates for their children and to help their kids stay healthy.”
  • “Prevention and early intervention are invaluable.”
  • “The art of CBT – practical ideas for dialogue w/patients.”
  • “Patience – Allowing enough time to truly change behaviors.”
  • “Interpersonal Psychotherapy – developing a group for adolescent girls who struggle with loss of control over eating.”
  • “Dr. TJ Raney!!”

All the positive feedback warms our hearts.  We look forward to creating a vibrant conference next year!