Christine Peat, PhD

Christine Peat, PhD is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders. Her broader research interests center on the etiology and treatment of both eating and weight disorders; however, her primary interests are in binge eating disorders, overeating, and obesity. She is particularly interested in the intersection between obesity, bariatric surgery, and eating pathology and investigating the outcomes associated with success after bariatric surgery. Dr. Peat also evaluates the available treatment options for binge eating disorder and investigates medical morbidities associated with eating disorders.

Dr. Peat is a licensed psychologist in North Carolina and, as such, focuses on the treatment of eating disorders across the spectrum with a primary focus on binge eating. She also conducts pre-surgical evaluations and provides follow-up care for bariatric surgery patients in conjunction with the UNC Bariatric Program, which is also a designated Center of Excellence. Given her broader training in behavioral medicine, Dr. Peat also provides psychological interventions to patients who are struggling with both medical conditions (e.g., diabetes) and psychiatric illness.