Going Sane: A Special Documentary Screening Hosted by Dr. Cynthia Bulik on April 4th, 2018

By: Kate Scheyer El-Sharkawy

We invite you to join our founding director, Dr. Cynthia Bulik, on Wednesday, April 4th, for a special screening of the film Going Sane, at The Varsity Theater in Chapel Hill.  Doors open at 6:30pm, and the 65-minute film will begin at 7pm. Following the film will be a panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Bulik. Read on to learn more about Going Sane, and the featured panelists.

Going Sane, a documentary film featured as a selection in several festivals, is a deeply personal exploration of the mental healthcare industry. Lisa Sabey, the film’s producer, experienced the difficulty in navigating treatment options firsthand as she struggled to find effective, safe mental healthcare for her daughter, who suffered from anorexia nervosa. Now, Lisa has teamed with her son Josh, a talented director, to share the lessons she learned over many years, most significantly the importance of seeking a provider who can deliver evidence-based care.

Going Sane features expert clinicians and researchers, as well as other parents like Lisa, who share valuable insight gleaned from personal experiences. The panelists who will discuss the film following its screening offer a similar mix of viewpoints. In addition to Dr. Bulik, CEED’s own Dr. Christine Peat will take part in the discussion, lending her expertise as a researcher and clinician. Ed and Cynthia Binanay share the unique role of being both professionals in the mental healthcare industry, and parents of a child who has suffered from mental illness. Ed is the Director of Development for UNC Center for Excellence in Community Mental Health, and Cynthia serves as Chair of Board of Directors for Alliance Behavioral Healthcare. Rounding out the group is Josh Sabey, the film’s director, an accomplished writer and filmmaker.

The documentary has wide appeal and is recommended for parents, loved ones, individuals seeking treatment, mental healthcare providers, those considering a career in mental healthcare, or anyone with a vested interest in improving mental healthcare in America. The screening is sponsored by the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders and is free to the public. Downtown Chapel Hill offers ample public parking. We look forward to sharing this valuable film and opening the floor for an informed discussion. We hope to see you there!