Glitter Girl

BY: Mary Quattlebaum

DATE: 28 March 2017


Our very own Gil Intern for the semester, Alex Koszeghy, has been known to *sparkle*. Alex, also referred to as Glitter Girl, first fell in love with glitter and paint in 2015. Having previously suffered from an eating disorder, Alex never expected she would feel as comfortable in her own skin when she later cheered in the front row of every UNC game she could attend. Though it started as a fun bucket list activity, Glitter Girl has transformed into much, much more for Alex and her path to recovery. After a number of game days, Alex recognized that these hours of glittering up meant more to her than just school spirit.

In case you haven’t knocked this off your bucket list, paint and glitter on every inch of your body in a crowded stadium can leave you feeling quite vulnerable. Not only is your body on display, but the cameras often love to put you on the spot whenever they can. As Glitter Girl found a unique outlet to express her spunk and passion, her initial vulnerability was gradually overshadowed by a sense of empowerment and self-acceptance.

Choosing to love yourself each and every day is a commitment that takes time and energy. Through her social media accounts, Glitter Girl is honest about the ups and downs that all of us experience. In voicing her recovery authentically, Alex has spread a message of strength and hope. Not only has her message opened doors for others to reveal their own struggles with body image and recovery, but it has reaffirmed her own recovery progress.

Her social media presence recently blossomed when she was featured on Instagram’s profile, as well as in a Teen Vogue article. We are so impressed with Alex’s courage and determination to find her worth beyond a scale or an edited lens of perfection. Stay tuned as to where Glitter Girl will shine next!

As the month comes to an end we are also excited for the arrival of April 5th, the date of our annual Greek Groove event with the UNC Panhellenic Council! Greek Groove is a dance competition within the Greek community that raises money for our center. There will be a benefit night at TRU Deli & Wine Bar on April 3rd, which will also support CEED. We cannot wait to see what each sorority has prepared for a night that never fails to be memorable both to UNC and to everyone in our center!

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to reach out to our Clinical Director, Stephanie Zerwas ( or Panhellenic VP of Special Events, Nisha Vellappan ( We hope to see you there! Until then, GO HEELS!