Participating in ANGI Just got Easier!

By: Elisa Klein

Date: June 19, 2015

The Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative (ANGI) is a multi-national research study designed to discover the genetic factors that contribute to the development of anorexia nervosa. We are recruiting men and women who have had anorexia at any point in their life, as well as people with no history of an eating disorder. To date, we’ve received a tremendous amount of interest and support, but participants have had to travel to donate a blood sample. We’ve just made participating in ANGI easier than ever! We can bring the blood draw to you! Starting this summer, the ANGI study will be working with a mobile phlebotomy company, Health Exams, Inc., (HEI) to provide blood draws to ANGI participants across the United States free of charge AND at the location of your choice.

HEI will come to your residence, place of business, wherever you like, perform the draw, and prepare and ship the sample for you. Once you have provided a sample and it is packaged, the phlebotomist from HEI will take the kit and ship it for you via FedEx. It couldn’t be easier!

If you’ve been meaning to participate in ANGI, but couldn’t quite figure out how or where, now is the time! If you or someone you know has ever suffered from anorexia or if you would like to participate as someone who has never had an eating disorder and are in the United States, please visit our website at, call us at 919-966-3065, or email us at Once enrolled in the study, you’ll be able to call HEI to schedule your blood draw.

If you do not live in the United States and are interested in participating in genetic research on anorexia nervosa, these may be options for you.

If you are in Australia, visit, free call 1-800-257-179, or email

If you are in New Zealand, visit or contact the Study Coordinator, Dr Jenny Jordan on 03 372 0400 or

If you are in the UK, visit