An Ocean of Chocolate Fish to the ANGI Team

It is a rare pleasure when a research team just clicks, but the UNC ANGI (Anorexia Nervosa Genetics Initiative) team represents the best of the best. After their stellar engagement at #ICED2015, the least that I can do to show my appreciation is to induct all of them (some of them for the second time) into the Order of the Chocolate Fish.

To single out a few accomplishments, Chris Hilliard has become the main point person for participants. Individuals making inquiries about ANGI are greeted and ushered through the process by Chris either by email or phone. He “manned” the booth expertly at #ICED2015 and patiently explained ANGI to anyone who was willing to learn.

Lauren Metzger, a previous OCF inductee, continues to be the soul of ANGI. She works tirelessly consenting and basically doing anything that ANGI requires of her. She has been a brilliant ambassador for the study.

Morgan Walker is a quiet powerhouse. You might realize just how hard she is working until you ask what she has accomplished and then you get blown away by the awesome list! She was also the ANGI dance floor ambassador at the #ICED2015 closing ceremonies, upping the dance standards at that conference for years to come.

Elisa Klein, relatively new to the team, has slid into her role seamlessly. She brings fresh new ideas and strategies to recruitment and has infused ANGI with energy and enthusiasm. She is on top of outreach and is a superb communicator.

Of course all of these folks are following the examples of the UNC ANGI leadership. Jess Baker and Laura Thornton juggle more balls than imaginable and keep morale high—all while continuing their own academic pursuits.

It might not be an OBE, but it’s more than just a chocolate fish. It’s recognition from CEED for always going above and beyond the call of duty.

It is my distinct pleasure to award the Order of the Chocolate Fish to Chris Hilliard, Lauren Metzger, Morgan Walker, Elisa Klein, Jessica Baker, and Laura Thornton. Thank you for all that you do!