Why CEED Greek Grooves!

Published: October 15, 2014

Aside from strengthening the bond of sisterhood, young women of UNC Panhellenic Council hold events throughout the year to benefit the larger community. One of these events, and our favorite of the year, is Greek Groove. Held during the spring semester every year, Greek Groove is an annual dance competition among the Panhellenic sororities in which members from each of the 11 chapters perform original choreography and are judged based on their overall performance, creativity, costume and design, and technicality. Although a dance competition on the surface, Greek Groove has a much greater purpose in mind: to raise funds to support programs in need.

Greek Groove winners receive a portion of the money raised at the event to donate to their individual national philanthropies. However, most of the proceeds go to another UNC-affiliated organization. This past spring, Greek Groove selected the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders (CEED) as its beneficiary for the third year in a row, raising an incredible $17,524 for our program. Proceeds from the event were donated to the CEED to help secure treatment for those suffering from eating disorders, to support research opportunities, and to raise awareness about eating disorders on campus.

The UNC Panhellenic Council made a heartwarming video called “Why I Greek Groove.” The video highlighted personal accounts of what this event and donating to CEED meant to the young women on stage. Among these women were friends of students affected by eating disorders and those who had suffered from eating disorders themselves. One young woman stated, “I Greek Groove because nearly 3,000 UNC students suffer from an eating disorder.” Another student said, “I Greek Groove to raise money for the UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders.”

About the event, Dr. Cristin Runfola, a CEED researcher and clinician and Greek Groove judge this year, commented, “Enlightening was the number of supporters of GG and representation of folks—men and women—from all walks of life. The event helped get a few more students into our door for treatment—and that, to me, is a major success.”

Now we want to say “Thank you” to the Panhellenic Council. So we made our own video! Researchers and clinicians at CEED united to thank the UNC Panhellenic Council. It has been an honor to be partners with the Panhellenic Council.

We love Greek Groove!

photo credit: Darrell Berry via Creative Commons