NEDA Week 2014!

There’s still time to get involved with National Eating Disorder Awareness Week at UNC!  Show your support and get involved! Take a look at the UNC NEDA flyer!

National Eating Disorders Awareness (NEDAwareness) Week is all about raising awareness about eating disorders. The ultimate goal of NEDAwareness Week is to reduce stigma surrounding eating disorders, to increase treatment utilization among those struggling with the disease, and to prevent eating disorders and body image concerns in those who might be vulnerable to their development.

The NEDAwareness Week theme this year is “I Had No Idea.” We hope this week has been a huge success and hope that people come out for the last few events, including a body kind yoga class tonight from 7-8pm hosted by UNC CEED’s very own Colie Taico.  Thanks to everyone who has already been supporting the week! You can also get involved by visiting the NEDA webpage.


photo credit: LC Photography – Lester Chungl via Creative Commons