Treatment groups at UNC

Published: July 29, 2013

The UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders is happy to announce the following group therapies that will be offered this fall in our outpatient program. Please find additional information about each group by clicking on the group name in blue.

CBT for Body Satisfaction Group

With Brad McNeil, PhD

This is a 12 session program that teaches specific skills for managing distress associated with body dissatisfaction based on current best practices in CBT. In this group we will talk about what body image means, identify areas of self-evaluation and create behavioral action plans to help increase positive interactions with your body. We will also discuss the links between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors and the role social media play in your body satisfaction.

The Balance Group

Treatment for Binge Eating Disorder

With Colie Taico, LCSW

Over the course of 20 weeks, we will explore the role of binge eating in your life and how to practice and attain the balance needed to overcome binge eating. Mindfulness based practices will be used throughout the group to strengthen your awareness of your thoughts as they relate to binge eating. Emotion regulation skills and awareness of the body will be interwoven to increase emotion identification and to learn how to move through feelings as they arise. We will also focus on our relationships with one another in the group to help strengthen your relationship with yourself and with others in your life.

This group is open to newcomers every 5 weeks, provided space is available.

CBT4BN Outpatient Group

With Brad McNeil, PhD

The CBT4BN outpatient group is a 16 session treatment program offered to people who struggle with bulimia nervosa. In this group, we will follow the cognitive behavioral therapy model of bulimia nervosa, learn to identify and challenge negative thoughts that are impacting your relationship with yourself and food, and learn alternative behaviors and skills to help break the bulimia cycle.

Photo by Jack Dorsey