New Spring VHPs – Part 1

This week marks the beginning of the spring semester at UNC-Chapel Hill, and we’re excited to introduce four new VHPs (or “very helpful people”) who are joining Bulik lab.

Elise Hartley was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland and is a junior majoring in Psychology and Interdisciplinary Studies (Food Studies). She has always been fascinated by the relationship between food and overall health, particularly how food interacts with one’s mood and satisfaction, and has long been concerned with the prominence of unhealthy eating in today’s society, as evidenced through the prevalence of obesity and eating disorders. Elise is excited to be part of our prevention, intervention, and treatment efforts and plans to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology after graduating, where she’ll focus on interpersonal behavioral therapy and maladaptive eating behaviors. Outside of school, Elise is a true foodie and enjoys spending countless hours cooking with family. She has studied in Paris under the Food Network’s “French Food at Home” host Laura Calder and even filmed herself doing mock cooking shows. Elise has worked in local radio, served as a Girls on the Run coach, and is involved with several performance groups on campus, in addition to chairing recruitment and alumni events on Carolina’s Honors Student Executive Board.

Danielle Jameison hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina and is a sophomore majoring in Psychology and Hispanic Linguistics, with a minor in Philosophy. She became interested in studying eating disorders through coursework and personal experience with friends and was also drawn to working in the Bulik lab because of a research interest in couple dynamics. Post-graduation, Danielle intends to pursue a PhD in Clinical Psychology and work in an academic setting as a professor, researcher, and therapist. In her spare time, you can find Danielle living out her passion for sports, either watching or participating. She runs, attends Zumba and yoga classes, is an avid Ravens and Cowboys fan, and attends as many Carolina football and basketball games as she can get tickets to. Danielle also enjoys frequent trips to the lake or the mountains and has a strong interest in both visual and performing arts, which she expresses through drawing, painting, and playing music.

Welcome, Elise and Danielle!

Stay tuned for Part 2 later this week…

By: Susan Kleiman