Vote Exchanges as the “Best Health Blog of 2012”!

healthline emblemWe are excited to announce that Healthline has nominated Exchanges as one of the top health blogs of 2012! We are proud of this honor and even more excited that our passion for eating disorders research and treatment has been recognized.

Healthline is now inviting readers to vote for their favorite blog to win the grand title of “Best Health Blog of 2012”. We encourage all of our readers to visit the link below and cast your vote for Exchanges. You can follow the detailed instructions to easily find our blog in the list. Please publish your vote on Facebook or Twitter to encourage your friends and family to vote for us too (and to start regularly reading our blog). The deadline for voting is February 15th, 2013, so please cast your vote today!


(1)    Please visit the following website:

(2)    Select the blue “Vote For Me” emblem.

(3)    Scroll down to the “Contest Leaderboard” and click on “Alphabetical”

(4)    Exchanges can be found on page 12 (it is also the 114th blog in the list)

(5)    Select the “Vote Now” button next to our blog’s title

(6)    Select Facebook or Twitter as your method of publishing your vote

(7)    Share your vote on the selected media outlet & your official vote will be cast.

We are excited what this recognition could mean for our blog, our program, and our eating disorders research. Thank you so much for your support, and we look forward to bringing you more updates in 2013!

By: Lauren Janson