Welcome, Dr. Monica Ålgars!

ImageThe UNC Eating Disorders Program is excited to welcome Dr. Monica Ålgars from the Abo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. Monica completed her PhD in clinical psychology in March 2012 (congrats, Monica!) and is joining our team as a visiting scholar for the next two months. Her dissertation focused on eating disorders and gender identity, and she is now excited to be learning more about treatment. Over the next eight weeks, Monica will be helping with our program’s couple-based Imageanorexia treatment study (UCAN2) and internet-based CBT treatment for bulimia nervosa (CBT4BN). She will also be helping with analysis of the Swedish registry data. As one of only a few eating disorders researchers at her university in Finland, Monica says that she is so excited about “being able to be in an environment where everyone does eating disorder research.” In her spare time, Monica loves to travel, read, and dance. We are excited to have Monica with us through July.

Welcome, Monica!

By: Lauren Janson